Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fashion and Feminism

Dorothy E. Smith (1896-1990)

I did a review on Dorothy E. Smith round last week, and the thought of her still lingers on my mind until now. Dorothy E. Smith for me was one of the most amazing women of all time. She was a super-brilliant social-theorist, and she managed to break down the glass ceiling for women in the academic world, especially in knowledge productions in social sciences.  

Her achievement was nothing but real. Her name until now is highly mentioned in many theory books as a highly acclaimed social theorist, she's been defined as an acclaimed sociologist on the world of living scholars, where the thoughts and works of women usually defined as 'unimportant'.

One of the things that i adore about her thought is that she managed to proposed a strong criticism toward the patriarchies by simply giving a "You don't even know what you're talking about"-attitude. Smith, with her feminist perspective  had given a new standpoint in sociology both as a knowledge and as a practice.

I have so much awe toward the female sociologist that i began to think. "How about Fashion?". 

Fashion as a part of culture's definitely one of the area that was strongly pointed by Smith. Fashion, as well as the whole universal culture was built by the standpoint of males. So how about us? the mere consumer of fashion? 

Are we, as modern women, are still hegemonized by the dominant males standpoint? or we, women, are more critical toward the fashion industry? or even better, are we using fashion as the bold statement of "I'm  a Woman, I'm Independent and Unique, and I'm showing it to the world through the Outfit that I Single-handedly put together."

Anyways, talking about feminism. Yesterday, April 21 was the Kartini's Day. A day to celebrate the life of a bright woman who pioneered the women's emancipation movement here in Indonesia. My mom and i celebrated the day by putting on some Kebayas (traditional Indonesian women's outfit) with modern mix and match.

a random tank, Kebaya-inspired (x)sml by Biyan outer, and a random embroidered pink skirt 

and paired the whole outfit with these beautiful Calliope flats.

i had a good day indeed.

so for all, have a good day! embrace the woman in you, 
and HAPPY EARTH DAY! (April 22) :)



  1. Pretty shoes! You have the best flats :)


  2. your shoes are awesome! :D cutest jacket too
    thanks for the super sweet comments!! stop back soon <3 xx

  3. lovely shoes yoou guys looks very cute nic teeth

    take care have a great day

  4. Fantastic post, darling!
    You and your mom look lovely!