Sunday, April 25, 2010

On My Own

The title of this post pretty much explains how i spent my Saturday night. watched the musical theater of one of my favourite musicals ever, Les Miserables, produced by the London School of Public Relation's theater club.

i must admit, i can be pretty much anti-social when it comes to several things. not that i literally am 'anti-social', but i just don't mind being alone. nevertheless, i met a friend at the auditorium, but she was with another group of friends and our seats were on different rows. and i wasn't able to take pics during the show, for i left my D40 in the car. i was so in a hurry due to my late arrival (i went into the auditorium in the middle of the song 'come to me') :(

i still had so much delights though. watching your favourite musical will always be nothing but splendid ;).

neways, i wore a random black dress, black tights, ZARA cardigan, and a random necklace.

i also want to debut one of my favourite pair of flats ever, black Calliope flats with soft green buckles. 

they are by far the loveliest pair of flats i own. i just love the way these sweeties fit on my feet :)

also managed to snap the flats alongside my sleepy puppy.

overall, just don't let 'a little fall of rain' blow your Sunday away. happy Sunday people! :)



  1. Love you look. Those flats are to die for dahlin! How was Le Mes? I LOVE the music in that show! Ahhh!

  2. love your look dear!
    i am a big fan of grey black white kind of thing you know hahaha
    the les miserables must be great right?
    okay just inform if you are coming over here okay dear?

    join my giveaway :) 1205 giveaway

  3. Cute shoes girl! You really do have an epic flat collection :)


  4. CUTE! love les mis.
    and your jacket is awesome :D
    thanks for the super sweet comments!

  5. Gorgeous, darling!
    Love your flats!


  6. you looks cute nice shoes great outfit , your dog i also cute

  7. i like your necklace and top they are very nice

  8. Yes, I love on my own and I also love Master of the House. I think that song is so fun!